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Laser Wars : Technology Nightmare

First there was conventional war. Then there were the Drones Wars.  Now we see a new 'sexy' weapon enter the scene - a weapon which will be no stranger to readers of Asimov, Clarke and Roddenberry.

No sooner has the spectre of drones above the streets of the Western ( and Eastern) World been brandished as 'the way ahead for security and overseas operations' than the same boffins of the military complex reveal a weapon to make drones nigh on unusable.

Anti-drone lasers were unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow last week and according to a BBC report, makers Raytheon said

" ...the solid state fibre laser produces a 50 kilowatt beam and can be used against UAV, mortar, rockets and small surface ships. "  By comparison, a coffee machine uses 1 kilowatt. Another test, this off the Californian coast, saw 5 x 5  kilowatt lasers down 4 incoming drones without fuss. A spokesman for Raytheon said

" One of the Navy's problems is that the bad guys have UAV's now." How true.
The company refuses to say what distance lasers have, though admit it is a lot further than the current guns mounted on Navy Patrol Vessels.

As we enter a nightmare scenario of war without end, sci-fi writers will be rubbing their hands at possible scenarios.

Full Report HERE

2 thoughts on “Laser Wars : Technology Nightmare”

  1. Good scoop, Peter.

    It’s like a real-life video game.
    Fine… Shoot down drones, mortars, and rockets, and leave people out of it. – If only.

    There is no enemy, but they sure do manage to keep the MIC in business. What a waste.

    It makes me wonder more about the former Polish President’s plane. – Oh but that’s kooky talk!

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