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Talk about mindsets – Frank Sidebottom

A celebration of the life and death of one individual –– Whilst it may not be so politically charged as most of my reports today marks the funeral of one of our true ‘alternative thinkers’.

Frank Sidebottom’s creator Chris Sievey was given a funeral today –paid for by his fans!

Frank/Chris did not conform yet worked with people from over the world by ‘being a little different’. Alas his eccentricity led to a his attitude of ‘living in the moment’ and as such he died virtually penniless… However after an internet campaign £20,000 was raised to give him a good sendoff.

A mindset of his own – perhaps now he would see as a ‘danger to society’. I for one believe the world is worse off without you. Goodbye Frank.

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One thought on “Talk about mindsets – Frank Sidebottom”

  1. I totally remember Frank. Very funny stuff, sad that he’s gone. I had no idea he was still performing in the UK. I remember him in the late 80’s, great stuff…

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