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The Great Firewall of… Australia?

A supposedly "free" country that is also an "apparent" democracy, is now going full steam ahead down the dark path of censorship.

The concept of government-backed web censorship is usually associated with nations where human rights and freedom of speech are routinely curtailed. But if Canberra's plans for a mandatory Internet filter go ahead, Australia may soon become the first Western democracy to join the ranks of Iran, China and a handful of other nations where access to the Internet is restricted by the state.

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One thought on “The Great Firewall of… Australia?”

  1. Did Peter mention the Digital Economy Act that was passed here in the UK recently? Basically our ministers got bribed by the large media firms to push through legislation that allows them to monitor P2P networks, block web sites and cut off peoples’ connection to the Internet. Of course, this was rushed through Parliament before anyone was able to vote against it.

    Now, the strange thing is that around that time, similar legislation was also being passed in several other countries around the world, and it seems this news item is related in some way. Are the media firms able to control more than one government? Are they able to get the same laws passed in more than one country?

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