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WHO do you trust?

Do you remember back in April of 2009? There was a flu outbreak in Mexico… from that Mexico City had a curfew imposed upon it and troops on the streets. It was well and truly in lock-down. News spread fast and soon Governments went into ‘panic’ mode buying up huge reserves of vaccines and starting their own national programs.

TV presenters went live showing their own vaccinations (although we have no evidence as to what they were really injected with). The media talk of mounting deaths around the world (on the back of the previous bird flu scares) and showed lines of people be ‘responsible parents’ with their children having needles placed into them.

There was no talk in the main media of the dangers possible from such vaccines, nor did they talk about calculated risks – instead they followed the 9-11 mindset of ‘your either with us or against us’, some people were even forced to be vaccinated by their employers.

…and yet WHO benefited? Drug companies/Vaccine manufacturers saw their profits soar, police and military took more control around the world and Globalisation took another step forward under the guise of the World Health Organisation…

Now WHO reflects upon those events and other voices are allowed to be heard:-

As the 193 member states of the World Health Organization meet in Geneva, questions over the body's handling of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic are high on the agenda.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, a German doctor and former member of parliament, had been watching the spread of swine flu in Mexico City, and was puzzled at the reaction of the WHO. “What we experienced in Mexico City was a very mild flu which did not kill more than usual - which killed even less people than usual.”

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