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Robot I-Fairy Officiates At Wedding

I-Fairy, I do.

Isaac Asimov may be impressed with how the robotics industry has developed over the past few years, but even the great man himself might balk at the latest 'task' assigned to the robots world.  A Tokyo couple were married by a white clad robot in a ceremony this week, the I-Fairy creation currently at hire for $68000 from Kokoro of Japan.

Robots ( if you own one) would of course come a lot cheaper than a human priest as robotic needs are simple - a few volts of electricity and a squirt of oil. They don't require a gratuity, are safe around children and don't polish off any of the alcohol bought specifically for guests.

However, with 43 percent of marriages ending in bitter divorce, philosophers may begin to question whether Asimov's first Law of Robotics might apply in conducting wedding ceremonies.

Full Technical Report HERE

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