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Hollywood going to Mars

With the making of Titanic, James Cameron operated remote cameras under the sea to film a world that man could not touch. Then with Avatar he directed a new virtual world in 3d… Now it seems the next logical step is… Mars.

Using remote 3d cameras NASA and Hollywood are talking of filming the Red Planet unlike ever before.

We’ve been here before with the Moon of course and Kubricks association – was it faked? Are we about to see a repeat viewing but on another world? One things for sure – it will be controlled, directed and presented to us in a very skilled and crafted way.

James Cameron got plenty of experience creating an alien world in Avatar. Now the 3D pioneer is looking to test his might with the real deal, Mars, though still in three dimensions. Cameron met with NASA administrator Charles Bolden to pitch the idea of including a 3D camera on the space agency's next generation rover, Curiosity, set to launch toward the red planet next year.

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