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Jesus Was 5’8” and Swarthy

Behold The Man

The 3D image of Jesus of Nazareth is to be revealed on a History Channel Special next week, timing nicely with the exposition of the Turin Shroud, from which the Computer Generated Image is lifted.

The Nazarene , who has millions of devotees across the globe, was seemingly swarthy and short by todays standards.  The Shroud itself goes on display from 10 April till May 23rd in Turin.

Those wishing to see a 3D likeness of Christ's wounds will be able to purchase 3D specs from the Salesians, who are marketing the visual aids at £1.80 a pair.

Entry to the exposition is free but there is such a demand that people will have to make a reservation, for which a website has been set up.

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2 thoughts on “Jesus Was 5’8” and Swarthy”

  1. Nice little piece of nonsense designed to cultivate a warm feeling in the faithful, and an exhale followed by a shake of the head for the truth seeker.

    While there is absolutely no historical evidence for the existence of Christ, and that the bible is based on multiple religious texts that go back thousands of years, and has been rewritten and heavily edited over and over. Amazingly the sheep still think that it contains truth?

    Maybe a discussion on the Podcast is needed…

  2. The Bible itself stated that King Jesus The Christ was grew in height and wisdom/understanding/maturity (TALL)…..

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