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Christians Battle over Evolution

jesus-dinosaurLet the cage match begin!

It looks like Christians are all set to get down and dirty on what it truly means to believe in Jesus and his cronies.

The Discovery Institute – the Seattle-based headquarters of the intelligent design movement has decided that you cannot be a 'true' Christian if you do not believe in creationism, and this is apparently at odds with a growing number of Christians who feel that science and faith should not be at odds.

In fact another faction that is pro evolution has sprung up to combat the Discovery Institutes doctrine. The BioLogos Foundation, the brainchild of geneticist Francis Collins, who is also an Evangelical Christian is strongly promoting "theistic evolution" – the belief that God (the prayer-listening, proactive, personal God of Christianity) chose to create life by way of evolution.

I think it's interesting that the Discovery Institute – which has long argued that intelligent design qualifies as science – seems to have given up the game and acknowledged that their concerns are religious after all. It's equally interesting that the catalyst doesn't seem to be someone like Richard Dawkins pushing atheism, but Francis Collins pushing Christianity. Perhaps the Discovery folks realise that Dawkins's followers are never going to be swayed by intelligent design; Collins, however, might very well cut into their target audience of scientifically-curious evangelicals.

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