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Marine Centre To Combat Nuclear Attacks and Other Crimes.

" Sarge? We got a problem."

The UK Government has announced that they are to set up a National Maritime Information Centre to enhance nuclear security measures.  Government spokesman Lord West said that following acts of piracy off the African coast and the sea borne attack on Mumbai,  Britain had 'a crying need' for such a centre.

The £350,000 budget ( some might say a drop in the ocean) would allow government agencies and departments to share information about activity at sea more efficiently.  Interestingly, the NMIC, based at Northwood, Middlesex, will not only target terrorism but also other crimes.

Also interesting is that the UK Goverment are encouraging other nations to set up their own centres.  The USA already has its own monitoring centre , co-incidentally called The National Maritime Intelligence Center (NMIC).

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