The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 324


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Planting seeds should be the show title this week, if we ever did have show titles. Planting in more ways that one, you'll really have to listen to find the full scope of that statement / sentiment. Great show with and almost full house...

Hosted this week by Gareth Davies, Joe Dunn, Trevor Murray and Reeves Cooke

Some of the topics discussed on this weeks show:

1. 4 times in 4 days- Russian military aircraft fly off US coast
2. US prepares charges against Wikileaks Julian Assange
4. Risk - A Film by Laura Poitras
5. China puts bombers on 'high alert'

And so much more!

Music Played - "Energy" by B Boys

Books Reading:
Memories of an Essex Ghosthunter by Wesley H. Downes
Amidst a Storm of Bullets : The Diary of Lt. Henry Prince in Florida, 1836-1842

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans...

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