The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 321


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Not sure why, but for some reason we all headed back on to the Bigfoot train at the beginning of the show. Squatchin' aside we did delve into some great topics this week and started a hopefully new feature on the show, recommending books we are reading.

"What you readin' for?" - Bill Hicks

Hosted this week by Gareth Davies, Ben Emlyn-Jones, Trevor Murray and Joe Dunn

Some of the topics discussed on this weeks show:

1. Trump defends Flynn's request for immunity
2. Congress Votes To Let ISPs Sell User Browsing Data
3. People Are Raising Money To Buy Lawmakers' Internet Histories
4. The United Kingdom Triggers 'Brexit'
5. EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker- If Trump Promotes Brexit, We'll Break Up USA

And so much more!

Music Played - "Afterwise" by Anchor Thieves

Books Recommended:
Ben - Four Futures: Life After Capitalism by Peter Frase
Trevor - Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
Gareth - It Defies Language! by Greg Bishop
Joe - The Flash

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans...

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