Mind Set Radio Hour: Episode 57


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Lets take a break and get our minds off of things what do you say?

Take a journey with some new alternative music on this episode with host Joe Dunn!

Please support the bands we feature by visiting their website, checking out their music and shows.

1. Polyon "Cough"
2. Glorious MoonRockets “Down on Their Luck”
3. Tape Deck Mountain “Loopers of Bushwhack”
4. Polyon “More”
5. Cheatahs “Freak Waves”
6. Total Slacker “Don’t Ever Fade Away”
7. Total Slacker "Community Collage Hero"
8. The Everyday Losers “I Like It”
9. The Everyday Losers “Loser”
10. The Everyday Losers "Against Myself"
11. Bass Drum of Death “Sin is in 10”
12. The So So Glos “Missionary”
13. Vomit Face “Senior Pictures”
14. Sleepies “All Happening”
15. Blood Sister “Dysphoria”

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