The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 311


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Fake news was a major theme on this weeks show, as we highlighted the nonsense the is constantly spewed from our radios and TV sets. Reeves mentioned that we should start calling it "Legacy News" and I don't think he's far of the mark! Trevor couldn't make the show this week, and Joe...?

Well, we're not sure what happened to Joe...

Hosted this week by Gareth Davies, Ben Emlyn-Jones and Reeves Cooke

Some of the topics discussed on this weeks show:

1. John Lennon channels Noam Chomsky (1969)
2. British royalty dined on human flesh
3. Caitlyn Jenner Caught ‘Shapeshifting’
4. Rosie O’Donnell Wants Martial Law
5. Julian Assange Will Agree To US Extradition
6. Swarms of micro-drones
7. Trump Calls CNN ‘Fake News’
8. CNN Fake News or Legacy Media...

And so much more!

Music Played - "Song for Fainting" by Hit Bargain

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans...

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