The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 275


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A weekly attempt at opening eyes, and trying to shed some light on what’s really going on in the world. All done by ripping apart the media madness that masquerades as news. All with a healthy dose of paranoia.

Hosted this week by Gareth Davies, Ben Emlyn-Jones, Trevor Murray, Joe Dunn and Reeves Cooke

Some of the topics discussed on this weeks show:

1. Richard Dawkins Stroke and religion...
2. David Cameron 10% pay rise
3. Rift grows between Trump and Republican party
4. China Bans Gay Relationships On TV
5. Takeover Of Turkey's Largest Newspaper Sparks Protests
6. Afghan refugees arrested for alleged rape

And so much more!

Music Played - "Pressure" by DISJOY

Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans...

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One thought on “The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 275”

  1. Awesome show as ever guys! Thanks so much.
    On the subject of billboards…Gareth’s suggestion of ‘independently wealthy individuals potentially launching a poster campaign’ and an anticipated ‘knock at the door’ from authority-figures-in-costumes brought to mind John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s ‘War Is Over (if you want it)’ posters of 1969.
    These posters were launched in 12 cities around the world, and many people today think that this was just a promotional feature for the song Happy Xmas (War is Over). The posters however preempted the single by 2 years and were an independent anti-war protest; I will have to dig further to see who facilitated their posting. In typical Lennon style he used the marketing tactic of suggestion with the phrase…’If you want it…’. I’m sure that ‘The powers that be’ recognize when their weapons are turned against them…’Be all you can be’ etc.
    This, for me at least, demonstrates how powerful a solitary voice can be, and how scared the military-industrial complex were by artists such as Lennon back in the day, and still are.
    Lennon, as we know, received more than a knock at the door for his efforts, but his legacy endures for those who still care. I know that Ben said that the internet is a far more powerful medium and I would agree up to a point. But just look at how well-known Banksy has become by posting street art! The sage Terrence Mckenna, when asked ‘How do we fight back?’ answered,’By creating art’. Imagine people today seeing an intriguing/ambiguous poster on their way to work. It might just be a jumble of letters, numbers, hashtags etc. How likely is it that folks might take the opportunity to Google the character string? It’s what I would do and we know this is how these things ‘go viral’. Posters could still be a useful lure to a greater pool of information and enlightenment for those inclined to be curious and engage their grey cells.
    PS If I ever become independently wealthy, my posters will be f*cking everywhere! All the best dudes!

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