Mind Set Radio Hour: Episode 51


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Lets take a break and get our minds off of things what do you say?

Take a journey with some new alternative music on this episode with host Joe Dunn!

This is a special edition "Mind Set Radio Hour Showcase"!

On this episode we take an in-depth look at Buzzmutt's new album "Strange Planes of Surveillance".

Buzzmutt Bio:
Initially conceived in the mind of Scott Franklin years before he would find the means to actualize it, Buzzmutt came to fruition out of what appeared to be a disaster to all involved. The three founding members of Buzzmutt – Scott Franklin, Eric Alonzo, and Jesse Olswang – originally met playing in another band, Sid Arthur. As it became increasingly clear to the three back-up members that Siddhartha's days were numbered, due to the eccentricities of its lead singer and the intolerable conditions deriving there from, they decided to join forces on their own terms, starting a collaborative project that found influences as far ranging as Sonic Youth, Radiohead, Wolf Eyes, and Built to Spill. Only months after coming together on their own, Chas Anthony, who had met Scott through working at the same grocery store, was the perfect choice for the role of second guitarist, bringing his signature crunchy tone and effect-pedal experimentations to the over-all sound. With Scott on guitar and vocals, Eric on bass, Jesse on drums and electronics, and now Chas as second guitar player, the four of them became the official Buzzmutt, releasing their first album in July 2012: Static in the Mind’s Eye. Combining a grungy rock sound, 60s psychedelic, noise experimentation, and the catchy but aggressive riffs of garage rock and punk, the album was a success in the local Bay Area scene, especially in San Francisco, home to the majority of the band. With the release of this album and their spirited live performance, combining raw sound experimentation with abstract video footage, Buzzmutt soon became a permanent fixture in the San Francisco underground live-music scene, playing gigs throughout the city, and the Bay Area in general, weekly.

Near the beginning of 2013, a fifth member would be added to the line-up – Jason Adams. Arriving simultaneously with what would become a new chapter for Buzzmutt, they prepared to begin work on a new EP with former Mars Volta member Isaiah “Ikey” Owens acting as their producer. The band had met Ikey while playing a show with his current band Free Moral Agents. Ikey had approached them after, excited by what he had seen and heard, and offered his services as a producer. Jason, who alternates between playing percussion, keyboard, and guitar, had arrived just in time to begin pre-production in early April 2013. Ikey had arranged to record the album at The Compound in long-beach with the legendary engineer Antoine “Anthony” Arvizu, whose work on such classics as Sublime’s 40oz. to Freedom made him an ideal choice. Working at a remarkably fast-paced speed, thanks to the production-magic of Ikey and the sound-expertise of Anthony, the album was finished and mixed in a matter of three days.

Buzzmutt Tracks on Mind Set Radio Hour Showcase

1. Stumble Foward
2. Machine Death Squad
3. Change It
4. Noise Last Night
5. Reefuzz
6. Off The Deep End
7. The Last Space


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