Nervous Teeth: Episode 48


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"In ROD We Trust!"

Originally broadcast August 8th, 2006.

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Rod Rodriguez.

Nervous Teeth top 10 news stories of the week:

. Life After Earth
. Greenland ice cap beer launched
. SETI urged to fess up over alien signals
. Real-Life Werewolves
. How to tell Earthlings that Martian life is here
. Marshals ticket 7, arrest 3 amid homeless protests
. Pentagon Plans To Sell $4.6 Billion In Arms To Arab Nations
. Blair to attend Bohemian Grove This Weekend?
. Hubbard and the Occult
. Imagining the Tenth Dimension

All of the above news stories did have links to news sites, but the pages they once connected to no longer exist…

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