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Para-Talk: Episode 90


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Personal Paranormal Discussion

Time to get personal on Para-Talk

This week on Para-Talk Gareth and Reeves discuss some very personal paranormal experiences had by Reeves concerning the recent death of his father.

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One thought on “Para-Talk: Episode 90”

  1. Your podcast was really, really interesting. Since about 3 years ago I started to wonder what is the purpose of our current life, to search for some answers by listening to your podcasts, and by reading/listening some other stuff related to paranormal.
    I think of it everyday, building my own belief brick by brick, trying to grasp the meaning of our life (which is, I think, one step of a larger life cycle, where we have to acquire something, a knowledge of some kind, before reaching the next level => afterlife).
    I don’t had any paranormal experience yet, but I hope I will someday, to strengthen my beliefs.

    I keep remembering what George Meek said about the Spiricom and EVP’s :
    “For the first time in mankind’s history, it has been proven incontestably that death is merely a door to continuing life.

    It is now certain that individual consciousness-what we often refer to as personality-continues to exist and function in a disease-free and pain-free environment.

    The needless and destructive fear of death can be removed, as well as the deep concern over the passing of a loved one. […]

    Now that you possess this knowledge […] you can rest assured that you, too, will be living forever.”

    This subject can be talked about endlessly (until we find THE answer), and I will be glad to hear soon from your point of view again in future podcasts. Keep up the good work !

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