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Retro Mind Set: Episode 1


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In celebration of our upcoming 200th episode of The Mind Set Podcast, I thought it only fitting to re-broadcast the episode that started it all.

So here is the original episode 1 of The Mind Set Podcast, presented in full with original hosts Peter Glynn and myself (Gareth Davies).


A meeting of the minds and a conspiracy ladened discussion of the past weeks news stories, all with heavy emphasis on the Parapolitical. The show is hosted by myself and Political Ranter extraordinaire Peter Glynn

Our first episode consisted of our initial meet and greet, followed promptly by a discussion of news stories from both sides of the pond. These consisted of:

2012 - The movie and the date.

The 40 year war in Afghanistan

The Swine Flu - Hoarding the vaccine, and the "real" amount of deaths attributed to the virus.

Gordan Brown's ill Health, and his letter writing skills.

Plus a ton more topics were discussed and ridiculed, all with a healthy dose of Paranoia!

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One thought on “Retro Mind Set: Episode 1”

  1. You should check out what HAARP weather control system. I’m listening to your last podcast. I’m surprise you didn’t talk about this.

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