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Programme 4: Cryptozoology

In this episode of "The Poker", host Ben Emlyn-Jones looks into the fascinating world of Cryptozoology, the study of unknown animals.

All over the world reports keep emerging of mysterious animals. The most famous are the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, but there are hundreds of other encounters with strange creatures reported every year.

What’s it all about?

Also in the programme, Ben is joined by Mind Set alumni Trevor Murray for an in depth discussion about everyone's favourite elusive biped, Bigfoot.

All this and quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein, that great Hospital Porter!

...and occasional amateur part-time philosopher.

Until Next Time...

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One thought on “The Poker: Programme 4”

  1. Hi Ben –

    Thanks for all your shows, This one was thought provoking. I am no expert in this area but was introduced to a guy back in the ’80s. A very interesting man who they called ‘the bigfoot/yeti guy’. I can’t remember his name but he was American/Canadian and a real gentleman. He told me that he couldn’t understand why people were so sceptical. ‘If a troop of SAS were hiding in the the Himalayas/rockies and stood up a couple of times each day and waved – would it be noticed?
    What a great guy he was.

    Thanks once again and let’s hope that planet X returns soon. That was whre I first heard your stuff

    Sincere regards


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