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The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 9


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This weeks show kicked off with Peter offering an apology. Tim Osman , aka Osama Bin Laden , is ( or was) not an Aston Villa Fan , he was ( or is) an Arsenal Fan.

Latest News!! FBI photo fit of Bin Laden now as an older person , minus beard and turban.

Benazzir Bhutto told us he was dead , so why aren't the Feds listening?

Mindset Forum member Alex Fate , who Gareth seeks to categorize , is mentioned for his great posting in the forum, but failed to send in an audio clip of his answer to last weeks quiz!   We have another quiz question later on in the show. Meanwhile , we fail to provide the answer to the poser - What Was Gerald Ford's real name?

How much of Television  news / drama is real?

1. Airport Shells

Gareth's first clip - Man Takes Gun Shells On Board A Plane - much discussion about the how's and why's of the story and confirmation that these were not sea shells , but ammo shells.

See : TSA: Passenger Carries Ammo on Plane in Milwaukee

2. Pyramids:

Peter's first clip , a seemingly innocent account of free men now being suggested as builders of the Great Pyramids. The illuminati and Symbolism was delved into . This opened a huge vein of comment, with Gareth on fire , telling a scary tale and explaining in depth how symbolism is central to the NWO and its minions workings.

See : Egypt tombs suggest free men built pyramids, not slaves

3. Hollywood Haiti

Gareth's second clip. Last week we talked jokingly about your LA Earthquake. 3 days later and BANG! Haiti. Danny Glover gets a mention as he said it was the Earth's revenge and was caused by Global Warming and Climate Change :  Huge discussion on HAARP technology followed. Gareth's take is of a more ' what's in it for us'.

See : Hollywood rallies for Haiti donations

4. Salt shortage

Peter's second clip , with some general points such as road ownership , how communities are destroyed by Super Highways , how local authorities might be suckered into failing to stock up on salt and grit due to Global Warming and mention that the UK is surrounded by a salty sea .

See :The Big Freeze triggers salt shortage

5. Pat Robertson

Gareth's 3rd clip. We come to this week's quiz question. It was generally agreed upon that Pat is demented and his words were greeted as a joke the world over. The Iris Robinson Affair in Northern Ireland was also touched upon.

See : Pat Robertson says Haiti paying for 'pact to the devil'

Foxy News - Hot Granny

6. Snow Police

Peter's final clip. A warm human story to finish the 'Cast , with UK police happy to be filmed having fun in the snow.

See : Police Told Off For Riot-Shield Sledging

Until  Next week, Peace Out Humans...

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