The Journey Inward: Episode 16


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Contemplating life, existence and the spiritual journey we all take.

This week Venerina and Gareth discuss, Music Videos and the Occult.

Are there messages aimed at todays Youth in popular music and videos?

If so, how are these messages affecting the minds of young people, and to what end?

Are there a strange and dark Occult aspect to these messages that seem to bypass the conscious mind, and impact the unconscious?

This week The Journey Inward takes a look at negative and Occult imagery in Music Videos.

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3 thoughts on “The Journey Inward: Episode 16”

  1. That has to be one of the best shows to date. I honestly think that could have been a 2hr long show easy.

    Gareth I would agree that there has been a systematic brake down of the “feminin” goddess.

    So glad Journey Inward is back.


  2. Forgot,
    “Do as thy will” is only half of the saying
    “Do as thy will harm non” is whats it supposed to be.

    An eye for an eye is a another famous mis quote.

    Along with the sun shine on the righteous.

    Funny how miss out hole bits of text can alter its meaning?


  3. Just listened to episode 16. I don’t know where to begin. I think first I better describe my politics, I’m a libertarian communist. Yeah, one of those proper anti-capitalists anarchists and as such I don’t think the conspiracy known as the ‘New World Order’ exists and is it stands today, is largely a right-wing derivative of the old Protocols of the Elders of Zion, with all the mention of ‘Jews’ taken out, so it has anti-banker crossover appeal. All I see is the consolidation of wealth by all means possible, including the subversion of democracies into de facto plutocracies by the investment class which some people see as a ‘shadow world government’. They don;t have to work in the shadows because they own the politicians. This brings me nicely into the occult symbolism in pop videos. Where you may see the hand of the ‘New World Order’ I just see money. Money and marketing. Here’s how occult symbolism almost certainly became prevalent in todays videos. First there was an originator. Some pop star who was rapidly disappearing up their own arse, started to dabble in the occult and thought it would be fun to put the symbolism in a video to shock people. It’s a crude form of marketing just as using what middle America would deem sexually deviant imagery (RE: Lady Gaga/Anal Sex etc). With a largely Christian audience in America, it was like shooting fish in a barrel and of course, every nut with a total conspiratorial mindset would lap it up and spray the marketing all over Youtube, their blog etc as paranoid evidence of ‘the illuminati’. What then happened as so often does in pop music is everyone copies each other to chase those $$$. Next thing you know, a washed up hasbeen is doing a ‘masonic handshake’ in a video as a come back, before everyone moves on to the next big thing to shock. *sigh* However, the debate about sexist nature of these videos was great and I totally agree!! 🙂

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