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The Mind Tech Podcast: Episode 38


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Skynet knows what you’re up to

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Joe Ressington

The Mind Tech Podcast is your weekly dose of tech, privacy, security and conspiracy.

The Final Show of 2013, and Gareth and Joe talk about the end of the year and what maybe in store for 2014.

Joe's Gmail Woes, and how to fix...

The Rise of the Machines is discussed, and then on to the news!


Mind Tech News:

Google Adds to Its Menagerie of Robots

Facebook's Video Ads Risk Alienating Users

New BT net subscribers will choose whether to block adult content during setup

New attack steals e-mail decryption keys by capturing computer sounds

How to have a Christmas


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2 thoughts on “The Mind Tech Podcast: Episode 38”

  1. This is not news, but well… Just one real world case of what can happen when we lose control of the interwebs. It might not be Skynet, it might not have happened quite on purpose, and it’s not a ‘constipation theory’, but it’s here, it’s real, and, by the way, it also prints!!! XD

    Just take a look at the maps:

    And listen to Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte talk about this on Security Now!


  2. imo this was the best show to-date.

    took notes but to save being long winded will just summarize.

    Skynet, we already have machines that think for you and remove control from you, cars that break for you..

    Auto play adverts, not to bad if you have a good internet speed, but if you rural and had slow internet then this is even more infuriating.

    Joe your right, when i want the dark smoky back room pub with the wonky pool table of the podcast world then mindtech. when i want to have the fine dinning and sophistication its Linux Luddites 😀 😉

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