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The Mind Tech Podcast: Episode 36


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Crisp Festival

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Joe Ressington

The Mind Tech Podcast is your weekly dose of tech, privacy, security and conspiracy.


What Happened? London CryptoFestival 2013

Gareth almost bought a Roku

The Amazon Documentary and UK Tax issues.

Black Friday War Stories


Mind Tech News:

Amazon's drone delivery

Social media users warned over court case comments

French court orders search firms to block pirate sites

Council on Foreign Relations mentions Bitcoin as a possible replacement for the USD as a global reserve currency


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One thought on “The Mind Tech Podcast: Episode 36”

  1. Once again great show, the social media story was Intresting. The thing I take for that was this…

    “They” can control the media but popular Indiviuals talking sence could be a problem. Then if you get multiple popular personalitys talking sence willy-nilly? Well you just can’t have that now, can you!

    I have digital fortress on audio cd if you want to save reading it 🙂


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