Mind Set Live!: Episode 12


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Originally Broadcast - November 8, 2013

A live weekly broadcast that takes a humorous look at the past weeks events in News, Music and Conspiracy Culture.

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Joe Dunn

News Stories this week:

Living on a Prayer
Soup Kitchen Rejects Atheists
Halloween Costume Backlash
Chris Angel

Bands played on this weeks show:

Slonk Donkerson

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5 thoughts on “Mind Set Live!: Episode 12”

  1. where are the others, especially Reeves and Alex Fate.

    Are they ill? are they dead? have they been compromised,have they gone to the bbc or the crappy american version of the bbc, have they left like venerina?!

    I’m guessing ur only privy 2 this info if ur a subscriber?
    ffs did I miss something?

    I listen to the show every week and didn’t hear any announcements abt parting ways etc…apart from ages ago venerina going off 2 start her own show..

    You need the alternate voice…i.e a female voice… the show is not the same without venerina…too many blokey voices talking through the same lens – especially that canadian guy who sounds like a capitalist regarding health care et al..why r u on the program? u sound like “im ok so fuk everyone else”… change the lens dude! or, if u don’t want 2 even consider the lens u see thru, move on to a right wing show!

    just my irrelevant points…

    Open the show up to live comments, questions… its not hard.

    And joe dunn’s musical tastes are nuggets of musical gold, extracted from the wasteland of shitty msm music that we r brainwashed with – keep it up man!

    bring back venerina! You lost out there G…

  2. Hi dotdot.

    Thanks for the comments!

    Let me try and tackle your questions one by one…

    1. Alex and Reeves have not left, they are still very much part of Mind Set and will be back. They both have lives and other commitments such as work, bills and moving house (one of them has recently moved). Also scheduling is an issue we are constantly dealing with. But rest assured, they will be back.

    2. I very much agree with you as far as having a female voice on the show, but I’m not sure if I agree with “right wing” or “an alternate voice”? We are not a right or left wing show, and if we give you that impression I apologize as that is not our intent.

    3. Trevor. Trevor is new, and listeners are starting to get a feel for who he is, but I’m fast discovering that listeners either love or hate him. There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground where Trevor is concerned. Now while there are many things that I would not agree with Trevor on, I for one think he is a great addition to the team.

    4. Venerina. We all miss Venerina on the show, and she has an open invitation to return at any time. She is just very busy with other things. Will she return? I do not know.

    Thanks again for your comments!


  3. Thanks for the reply Gareth..

    Apologies for sounding harsh abt Trevor – I was a bit pissed when I wrote that….doh..

    On reflection I would share Alex’s views on censorship etc …everyone has a right to vocalize their opinion including Trevor, not that I always agree however, opening up to live comments would fix that..

    Not Sure about the right wing/left wing answer.

    You’re not a right wing show – I wouldn’t be listening if you were. Left wing – maybe a bit. Alternate – definitely because you tell the truth or, at the least present the facts and let the listener decide.

    I made my other comments before I had listened to this episode. I have Just listened….brilliant, funny!

    Loved the music!

    keep it up!

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