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Para-Talk: Episode 70

October 22nd, 2013



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Hidden Highgate

This week on Para-talk, Gareth and Reeves talk with Della Farrant about all things Highgate!

Highgate is a suburban area of North London, mostly famous for its sprawling gothic cemetery, and its alleged Vampire!

But there is far more to this area than comic book characters and wannabe Bela Lugosi's, as we discover is this weeks episode.  The Highgate area is infested with the paranormal and the strange.  Hauntings, Ghosts and tales of body snatchers abound in this truly fascinating episode of Para-Talk!

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Visit Della's Site Hidden-Highgate, for more information on this truly fascinating and spooky part of the world!

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  1. October 26, 2013

    Loved coming on the show guys, really enjoyed it!

    I thought we had a really good discussion.

    Looking forward to coming on the show again sometime soon.



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