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Thank the Maker!

Faith , Hope and Technology

A Church in the City of London , UK has tried to attract workers by offering blessings to their cell phones and laptops.

The Reverend David Parrott yesterday gave his maiden blessing over cellphones , iPods and laptops at St. Lawrence Jewry church in London's financial centre.

"We decided to have the service with a modern twist - I prayed for the people who support the technology, who use it," Rev. Parrott stated.

It is unclear whether , at the start of service , Mr. Parrott asked for all mobile phones to be switched off , a common practice in churches throughout the world.

Around 80 parishioners took out their gadgets as Rev. Parrott intoned a prayer over them.  "As I prayed for God's blessing on the technology, they were holding their phones in the air."

The church has been standing since 1136 and was rebuilt in 1670 by Sir. Christopher Wren following the Great Fire of London.  "God's grace can reach them ( the workers) in many ways," Rev. Parrott said.

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