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Nervous Teeth: Episode 30

September 20th, 2013



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"Evacuate, in our moment of triumph"

Originally broadcast March 25, 2006.

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Rod Rodriguez.

Nervous Teeth top 10 news stories of the week:

. Crowd kills man for hammering on deity
. Woman With Perfect Memory Baffles Scientists
. Cryptozoology Action Figures
. Nasa to put man on far side of moon
. Mothman has his own museum
. N.Korean defector says disabled newborns are killed
. Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story
. All U.S. citizens to receive National ID card by 2008
. Chinese Internet dissident gets 10-year sentence
. Pentagon 'hedge' strategy targets China

All of the above news stories did have links to news sites, but the pages they once connected to no longer exist…

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