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The Mind Tech Podcast: Episode 17


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Finger and Thumb Technique

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Joe Ressington

The Mind Tech Podcast is your weekly dose of tech, privacy, security and conspiracy.

Each week we'll talk about the very latest tech news and the continued threats to internet freedom.

Mind Tech News:

First arrest captured on Google Glass points to a “Little Brother” future

BBC 3D programming 'on hold' indefinitely

Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) force-fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure – video


Asus VivoBook S200E

Intel Core i3 3217U


11.6" touch screen (1366 x 768)





Looks like a Macbook Air. Stainless steel top, solid plastic elsewhere. Nice rubber bottom.

Touch screen more than just a novelty. Makes some tasks much quicker. Screen could be brighter and is a bit yellow.

Touchpad big but annoying because the buttons are part of the pad. Doesn't suit my thumb  and finger technique.

When using a proper OS the 3rs gen i3 performs really well and the overall experience is very smooth.


Came with Windows 8 which along with all the bloatware was a lot slower than the 8.1 preview I looked at recently (and indeed the official preview that isn't much different).

Had to disable secure boot AND enable launch CSM in the EFI (BIOS) in order to boot into USB.

Everything seemed to work in Xubuntu 13.04 (32 bit) so I decided to install it.

I shrunk the Windows 8 partition and gave most of the hard drive to Xubuntu.

Rebooted after installation and there was no grub (despite creating the special 1MB extra boot partition that the Xubuntu installer told me to).

I tried boot-repair but it still didn't work.

After some reading I found out that EFI boot didn't support 32 bit operating systems.

I installed Xubuntu 13.04 64 bit, rebooted and it still didn't work. This time boot-repair made it work.

Unfortunately the internal mic was only working intermittently. At this point I decided to get rid of Windows 8 completely and install 32 bit Xubuntu.

Deleting the Windows partitions wasn't enough. I had to delete the partition table and write a new one to the disk.

The problem was that the internal mic was still working intermittently so I then went through a process of trying various versions of Xubuntu and Linux Mint until I settled on Mint 14 (32 bit) with Xfce. I thought the problem was finally solved but unfortunately not.


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