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Science Center sued for rejecting anti-evolution film

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the California Science Center is about to be sued by the American Freedom Alliance, which is a non-political, non-partisan movement which promotes, defends and upholds Western values and ideals.  (Translation, Western Values = a Christian worldview which aligns itself to Creationism and Intelligent Design)

The AFA had planned an Oct. 25 screening of two films at the Exposition Park museum -- one a short Imax movie called "We are Born of Stars," which favors Darwin's theory; the other, "Darwin's Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record," a feature-length documentary that criticizes Darwin and promotes intelligent design.

The AFA says that it has no position on Darwinism and intelligent design but is concerned that debate is being stifled by the scientific establishment.  The scientific establishment has dismissed Creationism and Intelligent design, as the theory of evolution has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the genetic and fossil evidence.

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