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The Mind Tech Podcast: Episode 7


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Hosted by Gareth Davies and Joe Ressington

The Mind Tech Podcast is your weekly dose of tech, privacy, security and conspiracy.

Each week we’ll talk about the very latest tech news and the continued threats to internet freedom.

Mind Tech News:

Hacked Twitter account of The Associated Press posted bogus report of attack at White House

UK ISPs betray customers, collaborate on government surveillance

Japanese police ask sites to start blocking Tor

What is CISPA?

Once again the government in its infinite wisdom has decided to pursue a highly controversial internet security bill designed to destroy the privacy of its citizens with making law enforcement's job a whole lot easier.

CISPA stands for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act

What does it do?

CISPA would allow for voluntary information sharing between private companies and the government in the event of a cyber attack. If the government detects a cyber attack that might take down Facebook or Google, for example, they could notify those companies. At the same time, Facebook or Google could inform the feds if they notice unusual activity on their networks that might suggest a cyber attack.

What type of personal information?

According to the EFF, "CISPA is written broadly enough to permit your communications service providers to share your emails and text messages with the government, or your cloud storage company could share your stored files." Bill sponsors, however, argued that CISPA is needed to keep that data safe, pointing to foreign hackers who have hit U.S. companies in an effort to steal information. The ability to share data about incoming cyber attacks as quick as possible could thwart the improper use of that data, they said.

All without a warrant.  

The personal data acquired under CISPA is done so under the umbrella of cyber security, but once the government has your data they are free to do with it whatever they wish, and you have no recourse.

This bill will effectively give government agencies access to every aspect of your internet life, without oversight or legal president.

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One thought on “The Mind Tech Podcast: Episode 7”

  1. Tor is certainly used by peadophiles. They use it to access something called “The Deep Web” which is basically parts of the internet not accessible through your standard search engines like Google.

    The Deep Web is the underworld of the internet, you can buy credit card details, firearms, drugs, see government data and lots more. I ever hear you can hire Hit men.

    More information

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