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The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 146


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Early show this week, and what a show it is!

Topics discussed on this episode:

North Korea Threats

SEAL Team 6 killed

FBI vault reveals UFO memo

Police Prevent Hungry Crowd From Taking Free Food 2013


Until Next Week, Peace Out Humans!

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3 thoughts on “The Mind Set Podcast: Episode 146”

  1. Some are being a bit naive towards cute little North Korea. Yes, they are a small state but have a population of over 20M and as Wikipedia states:

    The Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces maintains the Korean People’s Army (KPA), which serves as the military force of the country. The Korean People’s Army (KPA) is the name for the collective armed personnel of the North Korean military. It has five branches: Ground Force, Naval Force, Air Force, Special Operations Force, and Rocket Force. According to the U.S. Department of State, North Korea has the fourth-largest army in the world, at an estimated 1.21 million armed personnel, with about 20% of men aged 17–54 in the regular armed forces.[19] North Korea has the highest percentage of military personnel per capita of any nation in the world, with approximately one enlisted soldier for every 25 citizens.[20][173] North Korea also has a Defense Industry that is responsible for engineering military equipment. In 1994, North Korea received 10 Golf II Class Submarines from Russia.[174]

    This is a military that along with Russian and Chinese forced the US and allies to withdraw from Korea in the 1950’s. It should be stated of course that the Koreans suffered much worse than the Americans mainly through mass bombing campaigns – the main reason why North Korea now has much of its military underground.

    Great discussion about work. Paul Lafargue wrote The Right To Be Lazy:

    While another early socialist William Morris talked about the transformation of work:

    The SPGB has a lot of good historical audio files:

    Excuse me for ‘spamming’.

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