Nervous Teeth: Episode 17


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"It Hurts When I Pee..."

Originally broadcast November 25th, 2005.

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Rod Rodriguez.

Nervous Teeth top 10 news stories of the week:

. Serial killers painting brings bad luck
. Murder and madness in Satanist South Africa
. Raelians want to establish ET embassy in Jerusalem
. Smoker tried to open plane door
. Scientists Face the Fear Gene
. Who served in the military?
. Last allied witness of WWI Christmas truce dies
. Unreality TV: The final frontier
. Covert Satanist Pat Robertson Flashes Devils Hand
. Feds ramp up spying on journalists, other Americans

All of the above news stories did have links to news sites, but the pages they once connected to no longer exist…

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