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The Mind Tech Podcast: Episode 1


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Encrypt This!

Hosted by Gareth Davies and Joe Ressington

The Mind Tech Podcast is your weekly dose of tech, privacy, security and conspiracy.

Each week we’ll talk about the very latest tech news and the continued threats to internet freedom.

Mind Tech News:

1.  Secret Courtroom Audio Gives WikiLeaker Bradley Manning a Voice
--  Bradley Manning’s Full Statement

2.  European Court of Human Rights unanimously rejects Pirate Bay appeal

3.  White House asks China to stop hacking, pretty please

4.  For first time, US military says it would use offensive cyberweapons

What is Encryption and why you should use it.

Where to get GPG/PGP software.

Head on over to , and download for your platform.

GPG for Windows

GPG for Mac


Data Encryption Techniques

GNU Privacy Guard


Until Next Week...

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8 thoughts on “The Mind Tech Podcast: Episode 1”

  1. Great show guys, I love this topic. I think that tax might be on the way, apparently Ireland has something like this that everyone has to pay regardless.

  2. I was DLing the Linux Outlaws podcast to listen to during my son’s 2hr soccer practice tonight and saw in the show notes about this podcast.
    So Im giving it a shot and you will be hour number 2.
    You better be good or I’ll have to listen to the Outlaws podcast again 😉

    >4. For first time, US military says it would use
    > offensive cyberweapons

    If you run this through a BS translator, it really means: “We’ve been doing this for quite some time and plan to do it again.”

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