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Mind Set Radio Hour: Episode 30

February 22nd, 2013



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Take your mind on an adventure with some NEW alternative music!

This episode is jam packed with new alternative music that you won't hear on your regular radio dial!

Hosted by Joe Dunn

Please support the bands we feature by visiting their websites, checking out their music and shows.

1. Cub Scouts "Told You So"
2. Fonda "Seeing Stars" 
3. Youngblood "Science My Son"
4. Weepikes "Nothing But A Soar"
5. Spires "Sterling" 
6. Pool Holograph "Incognito" 
7. Mr. Jenkins "You're Free"
8. The Paintliners "Welcome to Air"
9. Stiletto Red "Her Love is a Lie"
10. Pissed Jeans "Cathouse"
11. PAWS "Miss American Bookworm" 
12. GLISS "Hunting" 
13. Jacob Gardner "The Ballad of Little Jane"
14. How to Destroy Angels "Keep it Together"

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  1. February 23, 2013

    This episode is also available on iTunes get it here!

  2. Rob #
    March 8, 2013

    I managed to delet my follow, iPads and sausage fingers don’t go we’ll 🙁

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