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Para-Talk: Episode 43


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The Haunting of Carnfield Hall

Paratalk returns with a classic haunting! This weeks episode has everything you could hope to find in a classic English haunting. A haunting that continues to this day.

This week Gareth and Reeves discuss the ghostly goings on at an English country house dating from the 15th and 16th Centuries, that routinely demonstrates paranormal phenomena to this very day!

So sit back and enjoy The Haunting of Carnfield Hall...

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One thought on “Para-Talk: Episode 43”

  1. This show is great guys, worth every cent and more. An Irish guy I met randomly told me of a haunted mansion he had been to in Ireland. Its called “Loftus Hall” est. 1666. I only recently enlisted so i’m not sure if this subject has been covered already, but if not, it would be right up your alley’s.

    P.S. He only went as far as the front gate,


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