The Mindset Meetup 2019

Back in November of 2019 I travelled to the UK from Los Angeles, and while the primary reason for the trip was work I simply could not pass up a possible opportunity to hang out with some like minded people from across the pond. So I decided that this would be the perfect occasion to arrange a meetup with some UK listeners of the Mindset Podcast. I had done this before, back in 2016, which worked out perfectly and met some great people who listed to the podcast, so it I decided it was time for another.

A month or so before the trip I started reaching out to Mindset hosts and listeners to see who would be interested in attending, while also trying to find a good venue, where we could host the meetup somewhere in the London area.

Mindset listener and “legend” Tino (@zxralienwarrior) came to the rescue, and suggested an ancient and haunted pub in Hempstead, North London called The Spaniards Inn. This pub, while not cheap, was spacious and atmospheric and it really did seem to be the perfect place, so a date was decided and the word was put out…

One of the highlights of the meetup was to finally meet an old friend and Paratalk co-host Reeves Cooke. Strangely, I’ve known Reeves for over 15 years, but didnt finally meet him face to face until the meetup!

I had filmed the entire event, with the idea to edit and upload the finished video once the event was over and returned home. But I was immediately put off by the fact that I had a lot of video, but there was no real narrative to the footage, which made it very difficult to make sense of it, or for it to have a cohesive beginning, middle and end to its story. So much so that I kept putting the edit off, and I really didn’t start editing the footage until June 2020, a full 7 months after the event.

When I finally did start putting the meetup video together, about halfway through the edit I decided to split the video in to 2 parts, which really helped with the overall narrative of the meetup video. All said and done, I think it came out pretty well and it really does succeed in conveying the fun that was had during the meetup.

If you were there, thanks for coming along and keep an eye out for your appearance. If you couldn’t make it, well there’s always the next one, whenever that might be…

Here’s Part One.

And Part Two…

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