We’ve started Live Streaming!

Blame or thank Matthew Williams for Mindset dipping its toes into the YouTube streaming space. Matt has been live streaming for a while now, and has a fairly large audience for his YouTube channel The Secret Vault. Several weeks ago Matt mentioned that Live Streaming might be something that I consider doing, and after watching a few of Matt’s Live Streams and giving it some thought, I decided to give it a shot!

Our first show was – MindSet Live Stream! – Episode 1

In this episode I was joined by Reeves Cooke and Matthew Williams and we talked about Ghosts, UFO’s, Crop Circles and Ready Brek (UK Cereal).
It was enormous fun and planted the seeds for the next Mindset stream.

Our next Stream was Paratalk Live!

In this episode I was joined by my Paratalk co-host Reeves Cooke and we discussed EVP’s and some very strange and spooky sounds.
Headphones recommended.

These will be the first two episodes of many. If you want to take part in a future Mindset Live Stream, or simply be notified of new videos, please subscribe to the YouTube channel listed below:


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